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Top free activities in Las Vegas

There are so many things to spend money you have for Vegas.

If you are looking for a way to spend your cash, you can order one of the hottest restaurants in the hottest clubs around the city with a limo visit the tasteless souvenir shop. One of Blackjack will break your luck.

If, like me, you booked a flight to Vegas, then remember that you may not be able to pay Vegas, do not worry! It is possible to do Vegas with a budget. The good news is that these hotels are quite expensive. I think that’s because they expect you to spend a lot of money on Dolla bills in their gift shops, restaurants and casinos while you’re there. Lucky for us, there are many free activities for you to choose from.

Fountain of Bellagio
Cocktails at Lhasa through Candice Walsh

While my friend and I were dining at the Lago at Bellagio and cried so much Behold, the fountain show began, and we realized we had the best seats in the house. The fountain show consisted of fire and music and happened every 15 minutes. With wide open doubts before shaking hands with each other and singing with joy.

We are a very adventurous traveler.

Eat at Lhasa through Candice Walsh.

Fremont is not everything. But you can enjoy walking on the street easily. There are entertainers every few feet, including disguised performers, contenders, which I can not see, naked people, naked, naked and tanned naked dancers. (If it is yours)

There is also a Viva Vision LED light that plays on a 1,500ft long roof and headliners play on stage at any given moment.


Okay, so maybe not the experience you want. But I tell you that there are all kinds of fun and if nothing else you have a good story to tell.

As we follow a man, there is the most interesting way to ask for the money I’ve come across.

“Hello ladies, you’re Bob, I’m Virgo, I like to walk the beach and your money [gosh darn].”

We did not give him money. But check it out; I have fun to tell.

If you find yourself in a rare and bad situation that does not attract unwanted attention on the road, you can just walk through Dicks Last Resort. Dicks are known for their disgusting staff, disgusting and naughty attitude. If you decide to eat or drink, you will have to pay. But I’m happy to bet that if you do not order anything, they will mean much to you. Win-win!

The wedding is not free. In practice, you may have to pay for that decision throughout life.

However, if you decide it’s the right thing at the moment, you’re lucky! Free pancakes at Denny’s on Fremont street after “I Do’s”! If free pancakes are not a good reason to marry, I do not know what is.

I eat at Denny’s and delicious pancakes. But like a real fool, I paid for me and still not strict.

Antique, boring type when you are really there.

But I miss my Facebook profile (Tinder?)!

Yes, I saved my life.

There are a couple of ways to go about drinking free in Vegas and none of them will make you feel particularly proud of yourself.

Every Thursday night, Rock ‘N Roll Wine holds free tasting in various venues. You must register online in advance and figure out where to go. They do not make it easy.

At 7pm on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, head to Vom Fass for Scotch whiskeys and Bourbon. Please note that Thursday is a wine tasting day. Write this down

Perhaps the best way to drink free in Vegas is to sit down at the slot machine and pretend to play while the waiter waits for a cocktail.


I have not tried this and I can assume you will figure it out and ask to leave. That is what the money game for.

As you can see, no matter what you do in Vegas, you can do it with a smile. Las Vegas is not a place to take yourself seriously

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