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Ranong – Chumphon Province

I do not know why I fell in love with the southern hemisphere. It is because of the sea and the forest in one place. We will take you to the new attractions. Many people may not know. To taste the delicious South. The house is located in Ranong, Chumphon, Thailand.
Huay Bat – Rush Tea Farm – House in Mum

Low Season is a high season because it is not popular at the rain. But do not care. Who is not popular, but we are popular. I do not like this much like the ticket to sit down at the airport to Ranong. Just an hour or so, it’s fast!
For the convenience of Ranong – Chumphon, we chose AVIS car rental service. Network coverage Do not be disappointed. Click to see more detail. Fill in the documents and get to the car!
We will take this trip to places that people do not know. Drive along Highway No. 4 Chumphon – Ranong, stop for a coffee in the nature along streams at Huai Khaow Nai. Check out the freshest spot in Ranong, not to be missed. But turn it into some day! Yes, indie shops emphasize the comfort of the king.
It is a watershed forest from the Punjab Waterfall. The place is open. Do not order food can come to the corner, please lounge with a tempting atmosphere. The tourists are interested and come to relax. Both seats on the balcony. Waterfront Bamboo litter is placed in harmony with nature.
The bat drink has a variety of drinks, tea, coffee, fruit juice at just B20-50. There is also a breakfast menu, eggs, pans, sandwiches and morning glory. We ordered a simple menu. Egg Leaves Leaf Pickled lime juice is here. I sit down to eat the stream, the foot dipped in water, eh.
Egg Leaves Leaf It is well known that Leung Lei is a local vegetable of the south, it is sweet enough to mix eggs with eggs. It’s delicious.
Bat Creek
Address: 86/39 Moo 1, Bangbon, Ranong 85000
Opening Hours: 07.00-17.00 hrs. Open daily.
Phone Number: 081-802-0679

Come together at Rush Tea farm hydroponics vegetables. Opened as a health food store decorated loft style. Use fresh vegetables hydroponics from the house. The highlight of the store. It also has a car home. Chill Surrounded by mountains and trees.

This car is considered to be a dream car of ours that it is. If you have a car to go around the country, it will not. This is a great opportunity to see the inside.

The interior is decorated with wooden furniture, comfortable king size bed with en-suite bathroom, ceiling sunroof, For a car home price 1500 baht / night.

Walk to play, start to feel hungry. Order Fish & Chives Hydroponics. And herbal water to eat it.

Fish and chips, fried fish and fried potatoes with fresh vegetable salad

Salmon rolls use green oak, fresh vegetable hydroponics from the house is full of great benefits.

Ratchada Farm
Address: 256/23 Soi Mitra 1, Bangrin, Amphoe Mueang, Ranong 85000
Opening Hours: 08.30-19.30 hrs. Open daily
Phone Number: 089 569 2494
Facebook: Tea

Today we will sleep well at home in one of the most popular accommodation in Ranong. Homestay, a tree house in the middle of the forest, the most chill in the stream for more than 3 years.

The house is very beautiful in the rainy season. There are 6 cottages with 2,950 each and breakfast for 2 persons (weekday reduced to 2,650 baht) and tent camping with 1,500 baht for breakfast. 2 You want to be close to nature, you choose to stay in style.

Here, you will find the reception staff who take care of guests as well as the hippo, even the hippo dropping shoes to keep the Nine! This is a hard tip.

The main activity is to relax in the home is to grow vegetables, soaked onsen, swimming down the rubber ring, clear streams flowing from the hole.
I like to stay in the most tent. Have a really adventurous camping in the middle of the forest. Immerse yourself in nature.

There are no kitchen utensils in the house, and they are placed in a container called a Pinto. Burma is a local dish, such as manganese curry. Stir fried egg with shrimp, chili and coconut

Massaman curry with chicken Featured in coconut milk and curry. Thai food is very meticulous. The taste is mellow.
Coconut Shrimp with coconut Recipe Southern Hot Spicy Curry Eat with hot rice Do not tell anyone.

And the main menu we are familiar. Stir Fried Leaf Stir Fried Vegetables Southern Thai style

If you want to eat grilled seafood, he has.
Nightlife is very good. Listen to birds sound, water flowing close to nature. Hiding in the jungle Sit back and relax on a tree house. I can not find the capital.

House in mum
Address: 88/22 Moo 4 Bangnon, Muang Ranong, Ranong
Price: 1,500-2,950 THB / room / night
Phone Number: 093 497 4999

Noodle Challenge Challenge – Kamin Bridge – Home Stay Island
This morning I have to say goodbye to Ranong. We are going to try our best in Chumphon. The noodle challenge proved to be the only one opened over 23 years ago when Chumphon did not eat it. What is the Noodle soup with pork bone Pork tenderloin melts in the mouth. Serve the heart of the heart. In addition, there are sea noodles using sea shrimp. Fresh ingredients every day.
There are also appetizers, meatballs, pork satay and fried dumplings.
Noodle Challenge Challenge
Address: 283/1 Moo 9, Wangmai, A. Muang, Chumphon, Chumphon
Opening Hours: 08.00 – 15.00
Phone: 087 884 4977

Check out the beautiful photo with the wooden bridge. A wooden bridge extends into a large reservoir. It was built to be a learning center connecting to the island. Local species There are more than 300 meters of nature trails.
Hardwood is a hardwood in the south, strong enough to withstand the sun, rain-resistant. The bridge forms from the early centuries, people from childhood, old age and old age. This bridge is built into the cheeks of the monkey Nong Yai. The father of King Rama IX was designed. It is also the first tree bank in Thailand. Villagers can come to the forest. The food in this area.

Kamin Chumphon Bridge
Location: Nong Yai Area Development Project, Bang Pui District, Muang District, Chumphon
Phone Number: 089-731-2395 (Uncle)

The next goal is the highlight of this trip. We will go to sleep homestay. The Chao Phraya Islands are not so familiar. Koh Phangan is one kilometer away from the coast, and has long been tucked away on the island of Koh Phi Phi, which was once a deserted island, but fishermen often see people walking on the island. Looking back and forth, no one later, the villagers began to live and homestay to become a tourist destination. The name change for the prosperity that the island.
When we arrive at the pier, we call Aunt Porn Ao Prao is the caretaker who sends tourists to homestays on the island. We choose 2 days 1 night package, 800 baht each, accommodation with 3 meals and return home. But the joy of the millions tell!

7-ELEPHANT has everything to choose from. Convenience store On the island

Activities include oyster, kayak, diving, snorkeling, diving, kayaking. And folk way of life. (Must pay extra), but because of the monsoon. We can only cruise to fish nets as fishermen way. Most fish are green fish, fish, rock fish, pond and yellow fish. He likes to make fish.

This fish has a lot of fish!

Once in a lifetime, try fishing nets for fishermen like this. It’s fun too.

Snake hungry for a meal. The homestay is prepared. Full of shrimp, crabs, crabs, fish do not tell, I know that live!

The fish is made from yellow fish. The bottom of the net caught from the sea.

Crab fried with curry sauce using crab fresh from the sea at all.

This is a fine Finnish cuisine on the island.

Who would like to visit the island. I can contact you directly. If you go to the summer, you will have the opportunity to do fun activities too.

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