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Visited 4 community markets.

The charm of the community market. Let us find a free day. To absorb the culture To learn the local wisdom in each sector is equally outstanding. We went to Nakhon Si Thammarat, but then we went to Kiriwong, Wat Mahathat Woramahawihan, Wat Phra That Noi, to see the process of bird nests, to taste snacks at the clam root, visit the market 100 years. Pak Phanang, Cape Talumphuk, boat tour to Pakpanang, tumbled pomelo, Siamese This time to change the market to visit the market to shop 4 markets 4 styles.

The sloping front relics

Start at the first market “Front of the relics” market to watch on the road under the concept. “Do not build a walking street alone. But want to publish And the culture of the city. Together with the local economy ”

Ratchadamnoen Road Wat Phra Mahathat Woramahawihan It was created as a source of delicious. Arts and Cultural Center The way people are divided into 3 zones.

The local food gathering area is eaten by more than 300 sweet fish such as rice noodles, kidney, lemongrass, herbs, herbs, wrapped baking sheet. Sticky snack (banana paste), snack (candy stuffed), fried sticks (popcorn), sweets in front of snacks, sweets, yams (caramel), yogurt The sugar cane is made from natural ingredients such as banana leaf, coconut shell and lovely paper. Many shops will have a waste disposal bag. This is another convenient way.

Arts and Culture Zone There is a DIY fair to do batik demonstration. Shadow play Demonstration and Dyeing

There are also OTOP zones selling handicraft products of good quality. Of the Nakhon Si Thammarat.

The sloping front relics
Open only Saturday from 16.00-22.00 hrs.
Time to worship the Chedi until 21.00 (usually closed at 5 pm).
Waterfront Market
From the courtyard of the river. Most people use it as a place to relax and exercise. “Waterfront Market Chien Yai” by improving the area and decorate the shop is a bamboo roof with a roof. The atmosphere is retro Thai. Use natural containers such as Kratong, dog from (made from the top of the stem), bamboo cylinder, wicker basket.

Most of the traders in the area. I have to sell. OTOP products and local food such as fish soup Menu of fresh shrimp Noodle Soup The water used to be a local dish of fried rice and dessert.
There are demonstrations of dogs from food containers that we often see in the south.
At the activity hall There will be folk performances from youngsters who switch between each other. But there is a regular Manohra show.

If you have a chance to market the water. Before returning Visit the shrine of the Chao Chian. The faithful believe. For the prosperity

Waterfront Market Open only Saturday from 15.00 to 21.00.

Green Market Wisdom

Green Market Wisper Incubator

Khun Thawee Plai, a native of Nakhon Si Thammarat. The knowledge of local arts and culture. Initiation The “village of wisdom” on their own 12 acres to become incubator. Learning center Local Wisdom Center, Nakhon Si Thammarat Think and collect culture and create a culture of the past. See the current And can continue to have a future under the concept of “tourism market … Thai style” with a giant mortar, made of wicker as a symbol here.

Products that are sold in the market Green wisdom is a product of the people in the community, whether it is a product of wisdom. Arts and Crafts Products such as woven cloth, wicker Coconut shell The kennel has both a bag and a mat.
The food. I have this. Not to be confused with other traditional Thai recipes such as fried rice, curry paste, curry paste, stir-fried rice, fried banana, fried rice, rice crackers, fresh vegetables, local desserts, and containers.

Green Lanna: Village of Wisdom It is a source of local wisdom that is full of delicious, beautiful, inexpensive, affordable music. Traditional folk game with a comfortable corner to sit. In the midst of the lush green pool. Cool wind Like living in the back garden.

Green Market: Soi Wat Phra Kaew
Open only Sunday from 9am to 6pm.

Retro Market @ Pakpanang

In the past, Pak Phanang. It is a major trading center of the East Sea. It has created a retro market to reflect the lifestyle of the South.

Retro Market @ Pakpanang is located at Pak Panang prison. The canal is connected to the Pak Phanang River. There are two sides to the canal. The other side is the market attached to the wall of the prison. Another part of the house is the store.

The shop was built as a facade with natural materials. The dining area is located on the canal. There are some delicious dishes to choose from. The best of them are Fried Red Meal, Traditional Noodles, Fresh Rice Noodles, There are both curry, coconut milk, chili paste, if mixed with 3 flavors, it will be delicious again, the lotus leaf wrapped in rich colors. Native foods like whiskeys, climbing, try it. This is only available here. Old Fried Rice Banana leaf noodles with 9 kinds of shrimp paste steamed porridge, you can taste here as well, most of here are inexpensive. Many people say that. I do not know what to do.
The name of the strange food that we have to try is Zhu Jun Chun. (Like rice cake) candy from the pastry – coconut milk, candy, candy, candy, candy, dessert

There are also handicrafts. That is used Or souvenirs Coconut shell products, hat loom from the container. After that, who wants to know how to do it because he sits there to see it. Activities on the bridge platform. It creates a good color. There are also folk songs, other music, performances from all generations.

Retro Market @ Pakpanang
Open only on Sunday. And public holidays from 15.00 to 20.00.

After all four markets have been told that every market has its strengths and unique identity. The place. Differences in food. But the same thing. We have come to visit. Come to learn I have come to experience the way people in many aspects of culture, food, community. And every market is using the same material. Do not destroy the environment No wonder why everyone wants to visit Nakhon Si Thammarat. I have seen the cooperation of the community. It’s a good idea to make sure you have a good time.

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