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“Koh Panyi” way beach village. With sustainable tourism

Getting to Panyee Island Long tail boat cost 200 Baht (round trip) or charter boat starting 1,500 Baht per boat 3 hours.
• There is no alcohol on Panyee Island and should not be taken in. To maintain a good culture and tradition of the villagers.
• Must not miss “Shrimp Paste” that is said to be very delicious.
• For more information about Koh Panyi. For more information, visit or call 076 440 425.

Panyee Island, well known for its “Water village” a world-class tourist center of Thailand for centuries. Located in the middle of Phang Nga Bay, Phang Nga Province, most morning and evening tours only take 2 hours. But if you want to touch the village of the sea. Should stay overnight homestay. To indulge in the island lifestyle and the charm of the Panyee Island, which blends with nature. And traditional Muslim traditions.

Accommodation on the island of Panyee is not so much like Panyee Island Homestay. James Bond Bungalow Panyi Bungalows, however, guarantee that each is located by the sea. So close to the Andaman Sea. And started the trip to the island of Panyee with the light of one of the most beautiful morning on the planet …


New morning on Panyee Island We will see small boats start off the shore to go to fish. Or take care of fish raised in cages while children leave home to go to school. With the smile and courteousness of the villagers are visible throughout the day.

During the day, there are many check-in spots on Panyee Island, including pearls, penguins, wooden bridges, mosques and the “floating football field” in Thailand and one of the three most beautiful football stadiums in the world. Voted for by the British media in 2011, built on the intentions of the children in the community to develop a team. “Pansea FC”

Travel around the island. By boat cruise around Phang Nga Bay National Park, visit the attractions that call Wow sound throughout the route, including mountain writers, ancient paintings, over 1,500 years, caves in the middle of the sea, where tourists can boating. James Bond Island, a small rock island towering in the sea. The James Bond movie was filmed and he leaned on two adjacent mountains.

Or to touch the fisherman with a trip. “Leaving the boat” to see mangrove mangrove forest with fish. And the shell shells. Before returning to the end of the day with a menu of local dishes. Mangrove swill and fried mackerel shells along the sunset as well as the beautiful water with no where.

The love of the community to the island of Panyee. This makes the villagers in the sea. We are committed to developing Panyee Island as a sustainable tourist destination. And maintain the charm of a simple way of community. The latest has been used. “Solar Power” or “Solar Cell” replaces conventional electricity with conventional fuel. This greatly reduces the electricity and oil costs. It also reduces environmental problems caused by oil spills from generators running into the sea. Supported by Norton Energy Co., Ltd., leading innovator of renewable energy in Thailand. With a capacity of 3,500 watts, it can save about 316 kWh of electricity, which is worth 1,000 baht a month.

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