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Snorkeling Chumphon Islands

Snorkel and watch the colorful “sea anemone” and colorful coral. At Chumphon Marine National Park The beach is over 100 km long, the source of the “beautiful sand beach four hundred” is one of the best diving in Thailand 1 in the city.

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Chumphon Marine National Park
The beach stretches over a hundred kilometers. Covering nearly half of the coastline of Chumphon. Sea area There are more than 40 islands with beautiful diving spots in the top of Thailand.
There are many coral reefs in Chumphon. You can snorkel to see the beauty of coral, anemone and colorful fish such as.

Little Wand
Watch the variety of sea animals such as the Moray eel. If lucky, you will find the “whale shark”, the great giants of this sea.

Big Island
The emerald sea water. It is the place of many swallows. Divers can find coral reefs, sea anemones, boulders, dens. Some of the territory wide. If observed well, most anemones are the home of the Indians.

Ko Nim Yai also has one of the wonders of nature. That is the scene in Thailand is “stone hand of the Buddha” or “Hand’s Budda”
The rock is the end of the fracture of the finger 4 inches, the bottom of the stalagmite. Looks like a thumb. Fisher believes A sacred place Use as a storm shelter. And protect it.

Skull Island
The shape of the island is shaped like a skull. There are many kinds of coral reefs such as coral, sponge, mortar, coral, brain, fish and other fish around the island.

Koh Talu
It is a gathering place for a variety of fish. There are many large caves. Can swim through to the opposite.

Island Section
Was named The “scallops” and the habitat of the “chicken crab” with the chirp. And can climb trees.

Rhino Island
The large island shaped like a rhinoceros with a small limestone island called “Rhino Island” can find a large “Coral mortar” color that is rare. Including fish.

Lawa Island
There are many Indians fish. Swim in the middle “Sea anemone” is considered rare in the Gulf of Thailand.

Langkawi Island
The nest is a complete and beautiful swallow nest. In the past, King Rama V had three visits.

Travel to the islands. Can be done easily. It is not far from the coast. There are many local fishing boats and cruise ships.

Diving Tips To protect the environment

1. Do not feed fish or aquatic animals.
Because of the change of behavior. Human food Not natural food Animals do not die from fasting. But animals may die because we feed.

2. Do not catch fish and fish to take pictures.
Catch animals equals beast Sea creatures of all kinds. Did not evolve to human capture. What we think does not mean there is nothing we can do to hurt us. And by nature. The injured animals will survive.

3. Do not throw garbage into the sea.
Disposing of garbage or plastic bags on the coast or in the sea is killing the animals directly. Even throwing tanks on some remote islands. The garbage disposal system may not be good. So can not get rid of all.

4. Do not step on or stand on the coral.
If we stand on the coral The coral is dead or broken. Because the coral is eaten by the coral island. When a tourist pedal. It will kick the food out. The coral does not eat food. And will eventually die

5. Submarine photography Do not use flash

6. Diving down. And lie flat on the surface. To prevent the bad coral. Or step on the shuriken.

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