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Wondering what to pack in South America?

So, 18 months ago, I packed for my great Latin American adventure and I shared my backpacker’s pack with suspected me containing too much food.

I’m not sure what will pack for travel in South America. The back packers are the most searched because everyone is worried that they will be in remote areas and forget some important items.

I do that too.

So, look at my old post about what I got to Latin America, then jump back here and I will let you know that I have symptoms. But here’s a hint:

I eat too much

I’m not sure what to use, I have never been to Latin America and do not know how to develop or buy this product.

What I love: This is what will pack for South America.
Packing block
I will not travel without packing again. These things change the way my bag looks. Rather than searching through my wallet, it is quick and easy to put them in and out. If you do not have them, believe me, you want them.

HP Mini 311
I’ve studied netbooks thoroughly and this is the right solution for me because it allowed me to edit images in Lightroom. It was a bit slow when I tried using multiple programs, but for only $ 250 and you could not win that.

I hate these slippers and think they are ugly. But they are ideal for long days on the cobblestone.

Canadian Stickers
I bought them at the money store and hid in my notebook and gave it to my kids and fellow travelers. The choice between beavers and polar bears – a lot for grinding stereotypes!

What i do not want
Travel bag
Awkward size too. I think the hook at the top would be helpful. But most places do not have that for me to hang. I got rid of it at 7 weeks.

Expensive Travel Clothing
I was so excited to go this great trip and buy a fancy travel kit. If you are an adventure traveler, you might like this. But if you know you hate hiking, you should reserve yourself a $ 100 Merino sweater because you are just going to put it up at some dorm in Panama and lose it, then wonder why you bought something good.

My zip closure is very practical and I wear places like Machu Picchu, but not in the city, I feel like a backpacker gringo grungy.

Rain poncho
I did not bring rain gear. I just got stuck in the rain and wore a garbage bag. I bought a 99 percent poncho and could not wear it until the 13th.

I rarely use anything in my medication bag and it is a small fortune. Most drugs I can get in Latin America, which many countries sell by drugs in Panama. I bought a motion sickness drug for 10 cents.

First Aid Kit
I ended up using the band aids and threw the rest away.

I used it for mango, that was the only time I used it. Next time I will take a shot.

sewing machine
Every traveler has But once I needed to sew something I just left it off to sew and she kept it for $ 2.

Small flashlight on keychain
I have a front lamp which is recommended by many people and I use it quite a bit even when I enter the dorm room at night.

Silk Sleeping Bag
I do not need this once. Dormitories in Latin America are quite good, and if I see people who want a bag, I’m not there. It’s a lot of money, so if you want someone to save money and sew the sheets.

What is the best guide for what should pack for South America? What have you lugged around and realized you do not need?


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