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Traveling and shooting seem to go hand in hand. One month before traveling to New Zealand, I wanted to shoot better than I did.

Good luck to my ex. (You know who I am) is a great photographer and gave me my old Canon SLR film camera. 1976 and is a crash course on photography.

I never thought of myself as a creative person. But I fell in love with photography. When I returned from New Zealand I bought a DSLR that used tens of photos later. I traveled with the Canon 60D with three lenses.

I spent a lot of time reading about how better photography and my frustration was that most websites have no basic information or technical expertise. There seems to be no in the meantime I know we should film. In the next golden time?

Beth from beer and beans told me.

Bethany is an incredible photographer. She is not the way you look at it and thought WOW was the perfect technical picture. She was the one who made you feel something and thought I wanted to do it.

She recently launched an ebook called “Getting Out of Auto” and I can not say what this guide is.

The first part contains all the seemingly intricate things like f stops and aperture, but instead of talking about what they are, she explains them in a way that you can understand with a lot of pictures.

This guide, when I forgot where to use a low or high aperture?

The second part moves beyond the basics and gets in the way of action. She gives good advice for lighting, photography, scenery and solid food photography tips. She tells you how to do good things you see in other photos, but you can not know what to do like:

The effect of starburst from the sun – It seems I’m using too much light.
Or whether to use my flash at night without looking out, washed out?
Or how to use my autotimer for things other than my own photography.
Finally, she explains how the initiative of the Dharma is looking on my camera.
Or … Now this is a big deal that sealed the deal for me … How to shoot in the sun to cool the sun without anything else that looks dark.
Okay, how much do I believe this book is? Because I have a few friends that make me submissive because they shoot automatically, which means they have very high points and shoots.

It makes me crazy.

But what I think is crazy is that Beth sells this book for only $ 10! I took a photo shoot of a beginner only one night and it was 60 dollars and her description was very good.

If you click through to her website, she has a list of everything she teaches you, such as scenery and food photography and how to use the lighting better. She inspires the cool photo she took and explains how she did it.

You will learn better photography.

The link to her website is the affiliate link, which means referring every time I send it to me. I get paid from my account. But it did not influence the post at all. In fact, I plan to email a few friends to tell them about her book because I believe this is the best introduction in photo books.

I’m not a beginner. But it inspired me to go back to the streets and take more photos.

Especially the sun!

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